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      Pacific Grove Antiques is now 

  The Treasure Grove


Unusual Items Plus Unusually Affordable Prices

Get the finest antiques and other rare finds only at The Treasure Grove

(831) 658-0488

The Emporium of Vintage & Antique Treasures

Autumn is upon us and new treasures are in the store! We're open from 11-AM until 5PM Wednesday through Sunday!  You'll notice our beautiful building and Garden walls are sporting a fresh coat of paint and we're delighted!  Find wonderful rare finds at The Treasure Grove. We offer a wide selection of unique items such as furniture and decorations, garden ornaments, home furnishings, including perfect selections in our "Beachy Cottage" Gazebo.  Call us to ask about something you see in the window during our off hours. 

Call 658-0488 or 831-809-1228.

Mission Statement

We have been one of Pacific Grove‚Äôs sources of antiques and unique home and garden decorations for more than 15 years. Since the beginning it has been our goal to  provide local and world-travelling enthusiasts with one-of-a-kind antiques and unusual treasures.

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